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Up to Date Facilities

Up to date facilities

  • Third generation Mobile boat Hauler with a capacity of 560tn
    • Custom design Mobile boat hauler, with movable all the lifting devices in order to haul the yacht according to its docking plans, avoiding weak points

    • Up to 28 lifting point (28 Slings) in order to avoid local stress to your yacht

  • Fully organized and secure area of 24.000 m2 for hard standing providing a full range of shipyards services:
    • Fresh water,

    • Fire Line, and fire extinguisher

    • A/C electric powered by the shipyard’s own 800 KVA substation

    • Forklifts

    • Working platforms

    • Boat trailers 120tn & 300tn

    • Tower Scaffoldings

    • Safety engineer services on site

    • Waste management in daily base (hazardous waste management, recycling of paper and metal, battery recycling)

    • Storage area

    • Phone and Fax line

    • WiFi

    • Video surveillance systems and 24/7 hours/days security guard

  • 110m fully equipped pier (Shore power 380 V/600 A , Fresh water, Fire Line, bollards and bumpers) with the possibility of berthing yachts up to 100m in length in order to carry out ship repairing works.

New methods of administration

  • Certified by BVQI to:
    • ISO 9001:2015

    • ISO 45001:2018

  • Project management system (MS Project)
  • Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response Contingency Plan
  • Occupational health and safety assessment
  • Emergency response plan
  • Firefighting plan
  • Security plan